The Stargazer by Bruce Evans
A JAPANESE BOY of about 9 screws together pieces of a telescope from a kit. An ASTROLOGY BOOK lies open on the floor. A CONSTELLATION is on the open page. TRAFFIC, SIRENS, and CITY LIFE bustle in the background. The NOISES are faint inside the apartment.
The boy finishes assembling his telescope. He looks through the eyepiece, his eye is magnified in the opposite end. He picks up his book and with telescope in hand runs towards the WINDOW. He opens the window and WARM CITY LIGHT shines through.
The boy remains inside looking out the window. He sets the book on the window sill and places the telescope on a TRIPOD. He double-checks his book, his WATCH, and looks the telescope. He points the telescope to the right side of the window, adjusts the FOCUS KNOB bringing the dark gray city clouds into focus. NO STARS.
He removes his face from the telescope and looks back into the city night, a bit disappointed. He swings the telescope to the other side of the window, trying a different view. He adjusts the focus knob again, same result, dark gray clouds.
Now disgruntled, he rests his arms on the window and chin on his arms. He sighs a heavy sigh. The constellation in the book twinkles slightly. A light in the sky catches his eye. He points the telescope directly in the middle of the window, eye magnified again. A slight twinkle shines in his eye.
In the distance, a faint lone star shines in the night. Filled with new energy, the boy rushes away from the window. He grabs his BACKPACK off of the SOFA and rushes out the door.
The boy sits alone on a JR train. He flips through the book. With every page, the stars get brighter and brighter. Excitement rises, he kicks his feet as the train speeds along. The train hits a big bump and the bag falls off the seat onto the ground. The boy is unphased. He picks up his bag and sets it back on the seat. The stars in the book have dimmed.
The train leaves the station. The boy is looking at a MAP, a little lost and confused. He looks around and spots a hill with the lone star twinkling above it. A few more dim stars appeared around the original star. He throws the map into his pocket. Backpack on, book in hand, he runs towards the hill.
The boy reaches the top of the hill. Stars are already appearing in the night sky. He opens his books back to the same page. Stars are twinkling even brighter. He opens his bag, takes out his tripod. After positioning the legs carefully, he takes out his telescope. The main lens has splintered. He looks through it, his eye is magnified but the webbed lens makes it impossible to see. No twinkle in his eye.
He sits down on the hill, disappointed at first, but eventually content with just looking at the night sky. The stars on the page twinkle even brighter. They begin to leave the page and float into the air. Some go into the sky and brighten the night. Others go to the front broken lens of his telescope, almost being absorbed into the lens. The boy rushes to the telescope. It’s fixed!
He looks through the telescope and his eye is magnified in the front again. The twinkle has returned. He sees the same constellation as in the book, bright and beautiful. The stars remain bright against the purple night.

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