Staying alive is the only real rule to the game. Use a vast array of firearms, projectiles, and melee weapons to murder everyone and everything while dodging other murderous objects.
This game plays like a traditional 2D platformer. However, it’s not like the cute and loveable platformer games you remember from the SNES days. Each player needs to dodge bullets, pick up new weapons, gather ammo, and slaughter everyone else in order to win. The characters can jump, double jump, wall jump, sprint, duck, shoot, and melee.
Pistol – A slow firing and conservative weapon. It fires a single bullet at a time. It includes more than enough ammo to take out everyone.
Automatic Rifle – An extremely fast shooting rifle. As long as the player holds the fire button down, it will continue shooting until there is no more ammo.
Burst Rifle – A good balance between the other two guns. This rifle will spray out five bullets with every fire press until the player runs out of ammunition.
Knife – Don’t underestimate the power of close quarters melee combat. Everything around the player happens so fast, it’s easy to miss someone sneaking up on you or jumping on your head. Also, no need for ammunition. You can’t run out of the knife. That’s just silly.
Club – Club version of the knife. For those that like bashing as opposed to slicing. To each their own.
Fists – It’s all come down to this, two players and no weapons. Wrong. Every player always has a weapon. The ol’ one-two. Don’t underestimate the power of the old school knuckle sandwich.
Persistent Bullets
Bullets don’t disappear in this game unless someone is shot. Pick them up off of the ground for reuse. Also, be careful when shooting near a wall. The ricochet is real and it hurts.
Destructible Objects
There are several objects that can be broken, the characters included. Be careful of flying boards, TNT barrels, and the skulls of your enemies. Some cause damage, others you can ride and jump off of in mid-air.
Fast Games
Each round is meant to be played fast and loose, Paul Newman style. Don’t worry if you are the first to die, more deaths will soon follow and the match will be over shortly.
Most of the game is built around Unity’s physics engine. Everything is affected by gravity, explosions, and your jump force. Need more bullets but there are none near you? Blow up a TNT barrel near a bullet pile and collect the flying bullets. Use explosions to your advantage and blast to higher platforms you wouldn’t normally reach with a single jump. There isn’t a wrong way to play.
I set out to make a game that was extremely fast-paced and would cause people to lose their cool in the real world. Mainly, I just want people to have fun. This is the game I wish existed on the SNES when I was ten years old. Moving forward, I’m going to fix a couple of known bugs and put the game online for free as a demo for people to enjoy.

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