Escape From the Glass Factory
Escape From the Glass Factory is a platform game that mixes digital and physical play. Players modify the game level by arranging magnetic game pieces on a large projection surface. The computer “sees” the physical objects, allowing the player characters and other digital objects to interact with them. A custom built floor pad controller is used by one player to jump between platforms. A second player uses a custom handheld controller for throwing objects to impede the first player’s attempts to reach the goal at the top of the screen. Escape From the Glass Factory was developed to explore possibilities for players to engage in a game creation process and resulting game-play through more tangible interactions.
Code (Unity C#), art, and level design – Bruce Evans
Art and level design - Devin Ensz
A huge thanks to everyone that played Escape From the Glass Factory at the UCLA Game Art Festival!
Photos from the event can be found HERE.​​

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