Disaster Master is a VR game made for the 2018 Global Game Jam. In the game, the player takes the role of an emergency phone operator. Emergencies come through on the center console that corresponds to different patch jacks that light up. The player places one of the eight patch cables in the incoming slot and matches them to the correct area code and emergency organization (police, fire, animal control, hospital). More and more calls come in and the player is judged by their work performance.
The gameplay is built around the basic mechanic of plugging in a cable, which pretty fun by itself in VR. The real fun comes when the player is frantically trying to plug cables in and out. What excited me about this project was the potential for internal conflict in the player. What choices will the player make when they don't have time to respond to every emergency? What if a victim is about to meet their end and simply wants to express their final thoughts? Should the player continue to work to earn rewards or take time to do what is morally right?
The game was made in an incredibly short amount of time. There are many problems with the game and it still needs optimized, but ultimately, we're proud of what we accomplished! The dev team is anxious to add sound effects, better lighting, and more props to help with the mood and environment. We’ll post it for free once it’s ready.
I was responsible for the main game and mechanic design, 3D art, lighting, and texturing.

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