Level Design Objectives

1. Analyze one of my favorite missions from a design perspective
2. Learn the different lanes and vantage points of the level
3. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of height layers in a level.
4. Dissect how gameplay can directly affect the narrative.
This level is a remake of the same mission in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The pilot crash lands in a construction site In pursuit of an enemy. It's up to the player to choose to defend the pilot while she makes repairs or to go ahead as she insists. If the player is skillful enough with the combat mechanics, the player can save the pilot and be rewarded with extra bits of dialogue and a nice little narrative arc to the characters. If the player fails to protect the helicopter, it is destroyed along with the pilot.
These types of levels are my favorite to play and as a designer, I hope to incorporate narrative impact that is directly tied to gameplay in my own designs. This is an interactive medium after all.
Refer to the playthrough test below. This was a study in creating consistent scale through accurate metrics as well as a deep dive into the level. Thanks for checking it out!

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